In this webinar, Dr. Alan Spiro, former Chief Medical Officer of Medica, and Harry Merkin, Vice President of Marketing at HealthEdge, explore the critical components that makeup total consumer health. Considerations such as Social Determinants of Health, how community resources align with traditional payers and providers, and the role of people, process and technology in promoting improved member outcomes are included.

In this recording you will learn:
  • The challenges facing today’s healthcare system in working together for the patient’s benefit
  • How Social Determinants of Health impact the lives of patients and why they must be accounted for
  • Real world examples demonstrate that payers, providers and community resources CAN work together for effective, holistic care
Dr. Alan Spiro
MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Medica

Dr. Alan Spiro is an accomplished expert on how payers, providers and the entire healthcare ecosystem can combine to positively impact patient outcomes. Access the recording to find out more, along with real life examples of total consumer health in action.

Harry Merkin
Vice President, Marketing, HealthEdge

Harry Merkin is a senior marketing executive and is responsible for HealthEdge's thought leadership initiatives. Harry frequently represents HealthEdge as a speaker at industry conferences and events and has collaborated with many transformative entities across the healthcare landscape including both payers and providers.

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