As indicated in HealthEdge’s previous Voice of the Market survey, member satisfaction is at the top of health insurance executives’ list of priorities in 2018. To better understand consumers’ overall satisfaction with their health insurers, HealthEdge, in partnership with market research firm Survata, completed a survey of over 2,500 primary health insurance subscribers in May 2018.

Download the HealthEdge research report to learn:

  • How different demographic age groups rank their satisfaction with their health plans
  • What services and support, if provided by their health insurer, would positively impact member satisfaction
  • Where consumers hold trust – and place blame – for the high cost of healthcare

The rise of consumerism, and the growing size and influence of age groups like Millennials, has created an incredible imperative for health insurers to take the steps now to meet and exceed consumer expectations around services and tools to sustain long-term member satisfaction.

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