Payers and providers have historically been at odds, with conflicting goals and competing priorities that undermine true alignment. Health plans have a unique opportunity to share critical data and insights with hospitals and other providers to help them lower costs and effectively reach high risk and high utilizing patients proactively. This session will provide insights based on the real experience of University of Maryland Medical Systems Health Plan and how UMMS is working collaboratively with hospitals in and out of their network. Attendees will learn how UMMS is enabling those hospitals to look outside the walls of their facilities, by sharing data and the accompanying analysis. This unique collaboration results in a greater understanding of the holistic view of the patient and helps connect community resources to more traditional providers.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The importance of sharing data with hospitals and other providers for alignment of goals
  • How extending the traditional “network” to community resources helps both payers and providers understand the holistic patient
  • Why meaningful communication with providers helps enable lower costs and improved patient outcomes, with shared gains for all stakeholders
Jose Vazquez

Co-Founder and VP of Solutions
University of Maryland Medical System Health Plan

Harry Merkin

VP, Marketing

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