Payers and providers must innovate and share data to improve quality and lower costs

Social determinants of health (SDoH) hold much promise for payers, providers and patients, but few understand how to develop and operationalize a collaborative approach and solution. Most payers and providers are not regularly screening for SDoH factors or recommending community resources to help, and most consumers are unaware of their available benefits.

Yet some innovative payers, providers and community resources are forming partnerships with exemplary results. Typically, these organizations are leveraging diverse data sources, implementing value-based payment models and adopting technology that helps improve collaboration and workflows.

Complete this form and register to join Constance Sjoquist of HLTH, Kim Ingram and Harry Merkin of HealthEdge as they debut the results of HealthEdge’s 2019 independent survey, share examples of SDoH in practice and provide guidance for how to get started addressing and overcoming challenges organizations face with regards to SDoH. Get an exclusive preview of key survey insights and tangible recommendations on how to leverage SDoH for your organization.

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  Constance Sjoquist
Chief Transformation Officer
HealthEdge_WebinarCaricatures__Kim.jpg   Kim Ingram
Chief Nursing Officer
HealthEdge_WebinarCaricatures__Harry.jpg   Harry Merkin
VP of Marketing

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