As the largest payer in the US, CMS is focused on key priorities to allow access to services, improve outcomes and control costs. Some areas of emphasis in 2019 include adding reimbursements for remote patient monitoring and telehealth, incorporating considerations for Social Determinants of Health, and helping to drive the growth and popularity of Medicare Advantage plans. While CMS governs payments for Medicare and Medicare Advantage benefits, many private payers also adopt Medicare’s reimbursement policies.

In this market brief you will learn:

  • How the entry of 11,000 Baby Boomers into the pool of Medicare members each day is providing opportunity for both CMS and private insurers.

  • What plans CMS has for reimbursing virtual forms of care to keep up with the demand of digitally savvy new members

  • How the government along with private insurers are valuing connections with community resources to successfully tackle social determinants of health.

Innovate health insurers must understand the demands of the Baby Boomer generation, and the increasing popularity of Medicare Advantage. Download the market brief to learn how health plans must address the constantly changing CMS regulations and reimbursements, and successfully satisfy member demands.

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