Millennials differ from Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation in that they have been born with digital technology in hand. They are demanding more incentives for healthy behaviors, better tools to help understand benefits, and better tools to help find less costly care. A recent HealthEdge survey of consumers confirms Millennials are more demanding of their health plan than previous generations have been and compare them to other consumer companies.

In this market brief you’ll learn:

  • The top three services consumers within each generation agree would improve satisfaction with their health plan
  • Which health plan model each generation trusts the most with administering their health insurance, and 
  • The factors they believe are most responsible for the high cost of healthcare

Modern health plans must recognize the consumerism wave is upon us and prepare their organizations to meet the growing demands of various generations. Download the market brief to learn how health plans need to address the digital demands of Millennials.

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