People, process and technology are at the core of every business. Each one is its own science to be mastered, but the art is found where the three intersect. The intersection of these three essential elements is where the achievement of value is realized. With their optimization, a health plan is poised for successful growth.

Whether the organization seeks to enter a new geography, start a new line of business, or create an entirely new plan, health insurance leaders need to be confident that they have the right people, process and technology in place. Member satisfaction can only be realized when putting the right people in place, perfecting processes to guide their work and taking advantage of next-generation technology to automate and optimize as much as possible.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How two industry leaders leveraged people, process and technology to grow a health plan business
  • What are the challenges facing leaders around the different types of growth (organic, new geography, new line of business, merger or acquisition)
  • What challenges await health plans in the future surrounding growth


  Sal Gentile
Co-Founder & CEO
Friday Health Plans
  Dannette Coleman
Executive Vice President, Account Management & Business Development
  Melissa O’Dowd
Senior Director, Product Marketing

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