Today, many health plans rely on outdated systems, manual administrative tasks, and disjointed data, resulting in an inefficient, wasteful, and inaccurate payment process.

Some payer systems utilize more than 50 different point solutions, all of which struggle to effectively communicate, leading to billions of dollars in waste every year due to improper claims payment.

While Payment Integrity is an area of significant investment for health plans, the industry as a whole continues to use solutions that uncover inaccuracies after claims are adjudicated and/or paid, causing administrative and financial waste in addition to payer, provider, and beneficiary abrasion.

Burgess Source ensures payers achieve payment integrity prospectively while enabling a scalable ecosystem to accommodate future growth, agility, and transformation.

Download this eBook to learn how a payment integrity platform compares to legacy solutions, and how a next-generation approach and Burgess Source’s unique capabilities can lead to improved accuracy, efficiency and significant savings.