With the growth of consumerism in health care, health plans must evolve engagement strategies to meet customer demands. Health insurance providers want to create better experiences for their members while keeping costs low and focusing on growth strategies. However, as our recent survey of 220 payer executives, member satisfaction remains a top challenge for health plan leaders.

To capture perspectives on critical factors, such as what impacts member satisfaction and what consumers look for in a health insurance provider, HealthEdge commissioned an independent study of 3,000 insured adults across the country.

The survey explores the beliefs of health insurance consumers, how they vary among generations, and how expectations have changed in recent years. In addition, responses reveal if consumer opinions align with executives’ perspectives on overall satisfaction, knowledge of benefits covered, the billing process, and what consumers look for in a health plan. 

Download the survey to learn:

  • The health plan segment with the most opportunity to grow membership 
  • Which consumers plan to scan the market during open enrollment
  • Key benefits Millennials and Generation X consumers are looking for, and how it compares with older generations
  • How lack of proactive outreach is impacting specific populations
  • Preferred methods of communication across age groups
  • What has the greatest negative impact on consumer satisfaction with their health plan, and who consumers say is to blame
  • And more!