On average, 11,000 baby boomers age out of their employer benefit plans every day, and an increasing percentage are choosing MedicareAdvantage (MA) plans due to their high-quality offerings. With the growing popularity of MA, health plans must strive to differentiate in an increasingly competitive market. Potential MA members want quality care, low costs, and low deductibles. The challenge for MA plans is to show that they can continue to lower costs, while providing their members with the benefits they value.

HealthEdge customer, UCare,® has offered MA plans for more than 20 years and is the trusted MA plan in its market. With 104,000 individuals in Minnesota and Wisconsin enrolled in the UCare MA plan, they have realized 96 percent retention rates.

In a HealthEdge webinar exploring the challenges and opportunities for MA plans, UCare’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Chief Marketing Officer, Ghita Worcester, discussed UCare's MA plans and steps the organization has taken to attract and retain members.

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