Healthcare payers face many challenges when it comes to keeping provider payments accurate, keeping underlying payment rules and data up to date, and claims administration running smoothly.

Why Payers Need Authentic Transformation: Part 1 addresses a holistic approach to the ever-evolving complexities that payers face. Authentic transformation—a fundamental shift in an organization focusing on a human-centered solution—is rooted in the ability to apply innovative methods by understanding the need for change, scalability, and the use of creative ideas.

Learn how your organization can apply a design-based approach to achieve authentic transformation.
  • Realize significant long-term benefits using a human-centered approach
  • Ensure alignment within every part of your business ecosystem
  • Become more innovative and responsive to customer and partner needs
Burgess Source® addresses these challenges for innovative payers – managing accurate and compliant pricing data, so health plans don’t have to.