Health plans need systems with built-in flexibility to quickly roll out new benefit plans and do so at a low cost. Legacy systems require time-consuming and costly customizations, which are difficult, if not impossible, to maintain.

The HealthRules® Payor platform allows business analysts to do rapid configuration and make changes with ease and confidence. With HealthRules Payor, organizations can:

  • Set up a plan for modeling while negotiating with the employer.
  • Configure new products and benefits according to specific business rules, compliance programs, health conditions, quality metrics, and more.
  • Define categories and components only once, and re-use them over and over to create new products and benefits
  • Create benefit and pricing designs that truly align the incentives of the members and providers to improve outcomes
  • Correct a mistake or make an adjustment in one place and the changes cascade through the system

With HealthRules, an organization's configuration possibilities are easy, efficient, and limitless in their potential combinations.

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