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Note: We recommend watching the Introduction to HealthRules Payor demo before any of the others in this series.

This video shows how HealthRules Payor can provide real-time information to virtually any stakeholder in an easy-to-digest format and language with options to share general or detailed information quickly. Taking a closer look at the data transparency available within a member record, the video touches upon how easy it is to navigate through a wide variety of a member’s benefits and claims data and drill down to actionable information. This video also shows HealthEdge’s industry-leading Benefit Predictor, a feature that enables a health plan’s customer service representatives to quickly and easily have information about common benefit questions to ensure that member and provider questions are answered accurately and in real-time. Finally, the video touches upon how data contained within HealthRules Payor can be accessed in the HealthRules Answers real-time data warehouse for dashboarding, reporting and analytics; in HealthRules Connector for batch and real-time access to integrate with third party vendors and applications; and via HealthRules Portal Integration Kit, so that data and the Benefit Predictor feature can be accessed via third party portals.

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