What should health plans do to remain up to date with continuous regulatory changes and prepare for the future at the same time? 

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming healthcare across the nation. Social distancing and COVID-19 fears are keeping people from seeking preventative and elective care, resulting in a temporary decrease in traditional health care claims.  At the same time, new regulations from federal and local governments are changing benefit reimbursement for many new types of services, and patients with the COVID-19 virus are being treated in settings never imagined. While enforcement may be staggered, now is the time for health plans to prepare for mandatory reimbursements, data collection changes, and compliance audits. All of this is likely to be followed by a surge in demand for routine and elective medicine once the pandemic subsides; and pending rules such as interoperability continue to loom large as deadlines approach. 

Join HealthEdge’s experts, Maggie Brown, Regulatory Compliance Manager and Dannette Coleman, Chief Solutions and Services Officer, as they present a two-part discussion on regulatory changes and operational impacts related to COVID-19.

Part I

  • How health plans can effectively monitor and respond to changing regulations
  • Operational impacts of coding, reimbursing for, and reporting on COVID-19 tests and treatment
  • Implications of interoperability, and the extensive need for data-sharing in a current and future state

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Presented by:

Dannette_150x150.png   Dannette Coleman
Chief Solutions and Services Officer
MaggieBrown_150x150.png   Maggie Brown
Regulatory Compliance Manager
HarryMerkin_150x150.png   Harry Merkin
Vice President, Marketing

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